Interactive Virtual Funeral Service & Gatherings

Now more than ever, community support is vital after the death of a loved one



While we all want to be surrounded by our entire community when we are grieving, sometimes being there in person is just not possible. GatheringUs enables the same feel of an in-person experience with livestreaming and recording of the events, and real-time participant interaction between all attendees – those in-person and at home.

Personalized, interactive, online gatherings

Schedule a virtual event here or call 609-832-3155 for information.

"Wow, this is amazing. What a great idea. As I'm sure you can imagine, we are trying to figure out what's what in this uncertain environment, with a focus on how we can best be there for our families." - Michael S.

"I am forever grateful to you for having made possible such a deep experience, one that has helped me achieve greater harmony with the past. Please know how deeply I appreciate all that you have done with your extraordinary work."  - Lydia S.

"Just a quick thank you for creating and maintaining this important site for families who want to remember their loved ones. Keep up the great work!"- Marlene H.

"Our team is busy imagining all of the amazing virtual services we could offer." - Rabbi Rachel T.


Schedule a virtual event here or call 609-832-3155 for information. 

While each virtual event is personalized, most experiences fall into one of the following categories:

1) Funeral / Memorial Service:  Our facilitators help plan the program (including speakers/performers, photo slideshow and music) and send invitations with login instructions. Before the event, we coordinate A/V setup and prepare presenters with a practice walk-through. During the event, we initiate the service, direct the order of presenters, and provide tech support for all attendees. 

Sample Order of Events

  • Pre-event Waiting Room: Video or slideshow with music (photos of person, loved ones, hobbies, causes, values, accomplishments, favorite places)
  • Ceremony: celebrant, clergy, poems, readings, musical performers (multiple presenters). Attendees can follow along with prayers or readings (optional transliteration/translation) on the screen while simultaneously watching and hearing the clergy. Everyone can say prayers, readings, or sing together.
  • Open Floor: Sharing and/or Toasts (open to public)
  • Livestream of Burial or Ashes Spreading


2) Reception (Wake, Shiva House): Sharing stories and memories with one another is a meaningful part of the grieving process after a death. Family and friends can say a prayer or share a reading together as a group and also move into private “rooms” for more intimate conversations. Room categories can include groups for family branches, school, work, hobbies, or anything that works for you.


Schedule a 2-hour virtual event here or call 609-832-3155 for information.