Funeral Home Partners for Virtual Events

We partner with funeral homes to offer all interactive virtual services: funeral, mass, wake, memorial, and celebrations of life. You provide intake for funeral arrangements and we work with you to facilitate the virtual event.

Call 609-832-3155 or email to learn more.


GatheringUs Virtual Events create the feel of an in-person experience with real-time interaction for all attendees, so that mourners can receive comfort from their community, wherever they are.

- A clergy member can say prayers graveside, a family member can share a eulogy from their home, and both speakers can be seen and heard by everyone.

- Attendees follow along to read a prayer, poem or song on the screen.

- Virtual "reception": custom wakes and visitations. In these events, participants join smaller groups in “breakout rooms” for intimate conversations and to offer condolences to the bereaved.

- Our support team coordinates event planning, logistics, program design, initiates the speakers and/or performers during the event, and provides tech support for all attendees.  

- Virtual Events cost $2,000. Funeral home pricing: $1,600.

- Each additional 2-hour event is $1,000. Funeral home pricing: $800.